Acupuncture for Pain Management: Low back pain, joint and muscle pain, injuries, migraines, disease.

One of the things that Acupuncture is most known for is for it's ability to treat pain - chronic or acute. I treat pain of just about any sort in my clinic. Acupuncture expedites the body's ability to heal itself, no matter what the source or cause of pain is. One of my patients with a fracture in her arm went out and played in a tennis match right after the first acupuncture treatment resolved her pain. I strongly advised her against doing this but she did it nonetheless! Her follow-up x-ray revealed that the fracture had healed completely. While this is a true story, acupuncture does not always resolve pain as quickly and effectively as that.

I treat any type of back pain, neck pain, sciatica, sports injury, common ailments such as shoulder or knee pain, sprains or breaks, strains or pains of unknown origin, arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease. 

In particular, acupuncture for low back pain is well documented as being helpful when other modalities of healing, including pain meds, fail.  Most pain symptoms respond quite well - many with complete resolution of symptoms.

When I was living in Los Angeles I worked in an acute pain management acupuncture clinic. Many of my patients had fallen off of ladders or had been in severe accidents of any sort. Acupuncture was the only thing that helped most of them. Unfortunately, by the time many of them got to me for treatment, they had been chasing their pain for years with prescription medications, to the point where a good 80% or so were addicted to pain medications also. I then had to help detox them and treat their addictions with acupuncture in addition to alleviating their pain.

I also work with a lot of Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue patients. Acupuncture helps them considerably. We cannot get rid of the disease, but we can address particular ailments as they arise and greatly reduce their overall pain level and increase their quality of life. I also help these patients from a holistic point of view, as my experience has led me to a deep understanding of the many factors that magnify or minimize disease progression in these patients.

I work with a lot of migraine patients, and for many of these patients acupuncture helps them like nothing else. Migraine acupuncture is commonly known to be very effective and numerous studies back this up. I can also help migraine patients to detox from all of their medications so they do not suffer, or suffer minimally, from "rebound headaches".

Here are some links to studies about acupuncture and pain:

Questions about acupuncture for your individual case?  Give us a call at (401)261-6247!

Questions about acupuncture for your individual case? Give us a call at (401)261-6247!