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Acupuncture for pain management, infertility / ferility, stress reduction and much more! 

a few of our services...


Pain Management Acupuncture

Fertility/ Infertility Acupuncture

Fertility/ Infertility Acupuncture

With the rise in opiate addiction and side effects of other pain killers, acupuncture is proving to be a growing field in the natural pain management world.  

Many patients claim that acupuncture works better than pain pills - and oftentimes the pain never returns!

Some of the conditions we treat are back pain, neck pain, joint pain, arthritis, Fibroymyalgia, Lyme Disease, and much more!

See the "Acupuncture for Pain" page for more information.


Fertility/ Infertility Acupuncture

Fertility/ Infertility Acupuncture

Fertility/ Infertility Acupuncture

Acupuncture has proven to be an effective and safe adjunct to any fertility process.  Natural and assisted fertility (IUI, clomid, IVF, FET, egg donor) benefit from acupuncture and Chinese herbology on so many levels!  

Please see "Fertility Acupuncture" page for more information.


Stress / Relaxation Acupuncture

Fertility/ Infertility Acupuncture

Stress / Relaxation Acupuncture

 Job or family stress? Anxiety?  Panic?  Insomnia?  General malaise?

Many people use acupuncture as a way to help them cope, reduce anxiety and feel more energetic in their daily life.

Between acupuncture, chinese herbs and minor lifestyle modifications (when warranted), we can usually help you to feel better in so many areas of life! 

Dr. Sara Ryan addressing the flu / Corona Virus season

Acupuncture and colds / flus / coughs and the Corona Virus..  just some ideas to keep you healthy and strong in the cold and flu season!  




Please be advised that, at Acupuncture RI, we are taking every precaution and measure to keep our space free from the potential threat of this and all viruses. 

We have ramped up efforts and are taking extra measures to add to the already vigorous practice of disinfecting our clinic air and surfaces regularly.

We have added multiple layers of sanitation, including extra HEPA, UV, PCO and other air sanitizing units to our already existent HEPA filtration in our central air unit.  We have units in every part of the clinic, including in every room and open space, and we are using other methods of sanitizing all surfaces very regularly!  

We also advise our patients to use the handicap ramp and entrance, to left of the main entrance, as it is easier to avoid touching surfaces to enter and exit the building.

We also ask that you, if you have any symptoms or are not feeling well, PLEASE reschedule your appointments. 

If you have an appointment and are showing signs of illness, we will have no choice but to reschedule your visit for a future time. 

We are taking this very seriously and we, also, will not come to work if any of us are not well.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we all go through this together!

How Can Acupuncture Help You During the Pandemic / Covid-19?


Many of us are feeling the stress of the current restrictions in our society, as well as fear of getting sick. This can create cortisol and other imbalances in our body, leading to anxiety, depression and insomnia. This, in turn, can leave us vulnerable to numerous ailments and emotional issues.

In addition, many patients are complaining of increased pain during these times. This can be caused by excessive stress, working from home in non-ergonomic situations, lack of exercise or simply a different routine in daily life.

Acupuncture can help to balance the hormones, reduce stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. It also helps treat pain and muscle tension anywhere in the body. Acupuncture is also known to boost the immune system.

So, in so many ways, acupuncture can help us all get through the challenges that our society is facing at this time!

Acupuncture RI and Dr. Sara Ryan


Dr. Sara Ryan, D.A., MTOM

Dr. Sara Ryan, D.A., MTOM


Dr. Sara Ryan, D.A., MTOM

Dr. Sara Ryan, D.A., MTOM

Dr. Sara Ryan, D.A., MTOM


Dr. Sara Ryan, D.A., MTOM

Dr. Sara Ryan’s Providence, RI acupuncture clinic emphasizes acupuncture for pain management of any type, fertility / infertility acupuncture, and acupuncture for stress and anxiety (in addition to other conditions).  

Among a few of the pain conditions that she treats are back pain, neck pain, knee pain, sciatica, arthritis, joint pain, injuries, Lyme Disease associated pain, migraines, Fibromyalgia, tendonitis, broken bones and muscle pain.  

She also works with all types of fertility patients.  Please refer to “Fertility” page for more in-depth info on this subject.  

Beyond acupuncture for pain management, fertility and the other conditions listed above, she works with many other types of health issues.  Most conditions respond quite well to acupuncture – please see page of "Treatments" for more information on this. 

Acupuncture uses small, thin needles to enhance the healing process. These needles are placed at acupuncture points throughout your body. It is often a painless process and most people fall asleep during the treatments and find it to be a very relaxing experience!

Acupuncture RI is a warm environment and patients feel at ease from the moment they walk in.  Dr. Ryan will help you to feel comfortable, and you will know that you can talk with her and share your health concerns in a non-judgmental environment. She spends a good amount of time with each patient to develop an effective plan that gets your body back into balance and hopefully free of pain and stress.

One patient commented that, “Whenever I leave acupuncture I feel super happy and relaxed. I have a smile on my face all day and nobody can make me feel bad.”

Dr. Ryan welcomes new patients and inquiries so please do not hesitate to call and ask her any questions you may have!


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Reviews of Acupuncture RI, Dr. Sara Ryan


Sara's great. I'm more sensitive to the needles than most people, and Sara figured this out right away. Within a few treatments, she had refined my treatment and all was golden. I have recurring back pain, and it just melts away after treatment. I also have acid reflux and ulcer problems, and Sara was able to notch down my "heat" so that i weaned myself off of chronic western meds. She's also very well-versed in nutrition, and drug side-effects/interactions, and recognizes when symptoms are the result of something ingested. For example, i asked if something could be done about some tinnitis that had just appeared, and she asked me if i have been taking antibiotics. In fact, i had just gotten off a round of antibiotics. That kind of awareness blows my mind. My pcp would not only not make a connection, but poopoo the whole idea. She also listens and learns about your routine and daily lifestyle, much the way a native-american shaman would do. You'd be surprised how many ailments are caused by the way you sit or the people whose company you keep. Sara picks up on this stuff and makes you aware of it. I have to add, i actually live in Boston and drive down an hour to see her. I've tried other acupuncturists in the Boston area just to avoid the commute, but ... i've gone back to Sara. I'll also add that she had been recommended to me by colleaugues at the Federal Reserve Bank who had used her services, one for back pain, the other for trouble conceiving (and had tried ALL the humiliating treatments that western medicine offers) (... she has a baby now !). 

Jennifer W.
"I've been seeing Sara for treatment for a few years now, she has helped me so much! She's caring,patient, and kind. She never rushes you, or judges you, but listens to all your concens. I have been helped on so many levels by Sara. I have cronic pain, I was in a car accident years ago
and I suffer from lyme. She has helped me manage and relieve my symptoms. I consider meeting Sara, a life changing expierience, one of the best things that has ever happened to me! She has helped me in ways I never thought possible. For all of you out there that think there is no hope for you and you want to give up, don't! Go see Sara, you won't be disappointed, I promise! Thank you Sara, you're the real deal! :)" JW

Avery Deletetsky

2 reviews

a month ago-

Dr. Ryan is the best! She was so helpful and patient and listened to everything I said in order to help me... I never felt rushed! She was very easy to communicate with via email and answered me promptly and squeezed me in if needed. I would highly recommend her!!

Mike B.

2 reviews · 1 photo

3 months ago-

I have seen Dr. Ryan weekly for a couple of months now. I had never had acupuncture treatment prior so I was not sure what to expect, if anything. Dr. Ryan has been fantastic to work with and sincerely cares about her patients well being. I find her to be articulate, informed, and above all, easy to talk to in a therapeutic setting. The sessions are always prompt, relaxing, and hygenic.

Julie Grand-Landau

1 review

3 months ago-

I have seen Dr. Ryan on and off since she was first recommended by a friend in 2005. She is both professional and very personable, and is a knowledgeable and skilled practitioner of acupuncture and oriental medicine. She goes above and beyond and I have been very pleased with the treatment she has provided me. I recommend her highly.

Rich Epstein

2 reviews

3 months ago-

I have struggled with lower back pain for years. I have seen countless practitioners from physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists. While helpful in their own right, the only procedure that gives me immediate and lasting relief is from Dr. Sara Ryan. Her manner is professional and caring. I could not offer a higher recommendation. Thank you!

Athena Washburn

1 review

3 months ago-

Dr. Ryan is amazing! She is a wonderful doctor, listener, and acupuncturist. The atmosphere is so safe and welcoming, and I always feel better after sessions with Acupuncture RI. Thanks !

Lauren DeCarvalho

1 review

3 months ago

I have been going to Dr. Ryan on and off for about 4 years. She has treated me for everything ranging from infertility to foot pain. Dr. Ryan is wonderful and really takes time with each and every patient. She answers all your questions and eases any concerns you may have. The atmosphere in her office is calm and relaxing. I highly recommend Dr. Ryan for anyone seeking a way to treat their pain or health concerns.

kids of Melissa E

1 review

3 months ago-

After trying all sorts of interventions to try to get pregnant (medical and naturopathic) sessions with Sara did the trick! Three babies later, she gets all of the credit. Her office is a sanctuary and her work is painless and effective. What more could you ask for?!

Ricardo R

3 reviews

3 months ago-

I was taking Gabapentin for nerve damage on one of my quadriceps, but I was experiencing some side effects so I decided on trying acupuncture for the nerve pain, and after seeing Dr. Ryan for about a month, I no longer had any nerve pain and stopped taking the medication. I have been seeing her for other medical reasons, and she consistently cures any pain that I have.

Ayumi Saito

1 review

3 months ago-

I am also doctor. When I was doing Masters of Public Health, she served me like as my primary care physician. She is cool and open to any kind of conversation, so I was able to discuss my pain, insomnia, stress, fibroid uterus, nasal polyp, eye strain. She counsels also for my life situations-I asked a lot of things about my living situations even may or may not be related to health. It was very supportive to have her during my semester. She also takes insurance for Brown students, which was extremely helpful. Ali, the old therapy dog, always positive and he was a healing for me and probably many of the patients. As a person with medical background, I have been very comfortable for me to have her to access whenever I had some concerns.

Deb Bessette

3 reviews

3 months ago-

Dr. Ryan is one of best around. Our family have been patients for years...

Julie A. Novak

2 reviews

3 months ago

Dr. Ryan is knowledgeable, helpful and a calming presence. I can't recommend her enough!

Kristie L

5 reviews

3 months ago-

Dr Sara and her staff are great. Acupuncture has made a huge difference in my life.

Elena Barkalova

1 review

a year ago-

Awesome place to find some serenity and heal! Strongly recommend you try it out! She has helped me work through a lot that traditional medicine has not been able to alleviate!

S Pracyk

3 reviews

a year ago-

1st experience having acupuncture and cannot recommend Dr Sara more highly. She is very knowledgable, with a warm, compassionate & empathetic manner. The office environment & sessions are very relaxing & effective.

Dede Osborn

1 review

4 years ago-

I've been seeing Dr. Ryan for 8 years and I can't recommend her highly enough; I'd say she is the best I've ever experienced. [I've also used acupuncture when I lived in Texas, Washington DC, and Honolulu.] The process, itself, I consider to have kept me balanced and relatively free of colds and with a healthy immune response. Sara is my 'go to' needle lady! From a very happy client, Dede

Susan K

1 review

4 years ago-

Dr. Ryan helped to relieve low back and hip pain I had for over 5 years. I had tried physical therapy for years and didn't see much improvement. In just a few visits I noticed significant improvement. Dr. Ryan is a very empathetic and warm person and makes you feel comfortable even if you're new to acupuncture. She was also very flexible in working with my insurance and trying to find out if it covered acupuncture. I highly recommend Dr. Sara Ryan! 

Mary Harrison

1 review

3 years ago

Dr. Sara Ryan is so kind and professional. I came to Dr. Ryan after I broke my rib and pulled my back. I had never done acupuncture before, but Dr. Ryan made me feel comfortable and at ease about the process. She took time to listen to my symptoms and examine my back, and then she used a combination of acupuncture needles and a stem machine to help me heal. After my first session, my pain was really reduced and after my second session I felt almost completely healed. I am a huge fan of Dr. Ryan and highly recommend her to others.

Heather Reed

3 reviews

4 years ago

Dr. Sara Ryan is wonderful. She's patient, kind, gentle, a great listener, and a true healer. i came to her in August with debilitating back and hip pain and spasms stemming from arthritis, scoliosis, and some curvature of the spine. In one session i had amazing relief. Seeing Sara weekly for the first month, plus faithfully doing back exercises at home, has strengthened my back and hip muscles significantly. Sara is also a wonder at balancing one's emotions through treatment. I call them my wellbeing sessions. She has been very helpful to me as well in tweaking my supplements. i now see Sara twice a month and look forward to each visit. Thank you, Sara, from the bottom of my heart.

Kerri Lyn

2 reviews

5 years ago-

Dr. Sara Ryan has helped me tremendously. I have been a regular patient of hers for the last 7 years. Her office is warm and inviting, filled with plants and a relaxing vibe. She really listens to my symptoms and tailors my treatment for current ailments. You can tell she really cares about her patients. She has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh. I always feel better after seeing her- she has helped me treat chronic Lyme disease and back pain, among other things. She is friendly, cheerful, intuitive, and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking the healing benefits of acupuncture and/or the general improved well-being that comes from moving your chi.


5 years ago-

Craig H.
I have been battling chronic illness and pain for many years. In that time I've tried many therapies, conventional and alternative, and very little has offered relief. So when I first went to see Sara (Acupuncture RI), I didn't expect much, and was worried that the needles might cause additional pain. When I related these fears to Sara, she couldn't have been kinder. She really listened. She asked questions that would pinpoint the nature of my problems. She told me that we could go as slow or as fast as I wanted, and if at any time I experienced discomfort to let her know and she would back off -- but she was pretty sure that it would be painless. I laid back, breathed deeply, and tried to relax (I even closed my eyes). After a moment this of self- preparation, I told her I was ready -- she could put the needles in. At that point she let out a laugh. "I already did," she said. When I opened my eyes Sara had an impish grin. She had finished setting the needle points in my legs and was about to start my torso! I never felt a thing. As my treatment progressed, about fifteen minutes into it, a deep, intense relaxation overcame me -- a warm, sleepy sense of well-being. I even nodded off for a few minutes.

But did it help my pain? Yes! After a few sessions I noticed my pain had eased -- it was much more tolerable, almost like someone had turned down the volume. I noticed also that I had cut way back on my pain meds. After a few weeks my pain was nearly gone. It had shifted from a constant companion, in the forefront of my mind at every moment, to a low-level discomfort, gradually fading until it was barely noticeable It still returns once in a while, and when it does I know to go back to Sara for a few sessions, a tune up. Though, I admit this is something I enjoy, as over time I feel like I've become friends with Sara. I really enjoy our time together. Her clinic is bright and clean, and the atmosphere is professional, warm, and nonjudgemental -- a wonderful experience from start to finish. I recommend her highly.


I received treatment from Dr. Ryan for several years when I was living in Rhode Island, and she was an invaluable resource to me.  

Dr. Ryan is professional, fun and caring.  She takes the time to listen to your concerns and will explain exactly what points she's using if you ask.  Her bedside manner is great and she has a lot of wonderful energy.

Dr. Ryan helped me with painful periods, digestive issues, anxiety, sinus infections and a host of other illnesses, including several bouts of food poisoning.  I can't recommend her enough!!



Like Cyan L., I was a client of Dr. Ryan for many years -- nearly a decade, in fact. I would still be seeing her had I not moved across the country! She is a warm and knowledgable acupuncturist and herbalist, and particular well-versed in chronic illnesses. Not all acupuncturists have the patience and understanding to treat diseases beyond the day-to-day symptoms that crop up, while Dr. Ryan is gifted at treating the whole person, not just the ache du jour. I think this makes her a particularly worthy companion on the journey to better health.


4/6/2015 I have been to numerous acupuncturists  over the years, and Dr. Sara Ryan is definitely one of the best! I went to Sara with multiple complaints during pregnancy, and she has effectively treated each complaint. She is so sweet, and always takes plenty of time to talk to me. I never feel rushed and feel as though she genuinely cares about my well-being. I am also new to Providence and Sara has been wonderful making different suggestions for things to do around the city. She is incredibly professional and is flexible with her schedule to always make sure I have an appointment time that works for me. Dr. Sara Ryan is an amazing acupuncturist and I am so grateful that I found her!!



Dr. Ryan has helped both my mom and myself in feeling better. She is very nice and pleasant and has awesome bedside manners, she is very smart and helpful and explains everything and she spends time with you to get to know you and the types of ailments that you have in order to better assist you. She has helped us a lot and I continue to see her.



  • Amazing Pain Relief After my first session for severe back pain related to Lyme Disease, I experienced immediate relief. I was absolutely shocked. I had been taking Vicodin and was ready to take another one, but left the office without needing anymore! The muscle pain had melted away. I have never seen an acupuncturist before but I will now be a regular client. I cannot believe how much pain relief I got after one visit. As someone who does not want to rely on narcotics for pain relief, and has a chronic disease, Lyme Disease, which causes me severe pain on a daily basis, I feel like I have found a new lease on life with Dr. Ryan. She is amazing and makes you feel so comfortable and right at home. What a wonderful experience. I will actually be back twice this week!