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In my Providence, RI acupuncture clinic I treat neck, back, knee pain, most types of injuries or pain, Lyme Disease, fertility / infertility, migraines and stress / anxiety. Beyond acupuncture for pain management and the other conditions listed above, I treat much more and most conditions respond quite well to acupuncture (see my page of "What does acupuncture treat"). In addition, I do not feel that there is ever a reason to have a cold or flu - so anytime that comes up, we do away with it as quickly as possible!

My clinic is a small and personal type setting and I spend a good amount of time with each patient. My acupuncture practice is multi-fold. I work with patients from a holistic perspective, in which we look at diet, lifestyle and all else that can influence health. I like to give my patients the "fishing pole" and not just the fish! While I use acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (and other Chinese healing modalities when necessary), I like to see that the patient is able to find freedom from symptoms and retain positive health through their newly found knowledge about their health. I do not like my patients to need acupuncture as their only way of feeling good!

Many people find that, during an acupuncture treatment, they feel more relaxed than they have ever felt! Not only does it not usually hurt, but most patients fall asleep during the treatment and will ask me if they can stay longer. They look forward to their sessions as their time when they can fully relax and feel great!


Dr. Sara Ryan is an in-network provider with:

*Blue Cross



*Providence VA Hospital (Healthnet / VA Choice program)

To find out if you have acupuncture coverage, please call your plan (the phone number on the back of your card) and ask them: 1) if you have acupuncture coverage; 2) How many visits you have per calendar year; 3) What is the copay for acupuncture; 4) Are there any exclusions; 5) Do you need a referral from your primary care doctor?

Dr Ryan will also work with her patients to submit for out-of-network reimbursement from other health insurance plans.

Dr. Ryan comes highly recommended as a Providence, RI acupuncturist.  Please read about her in Providence's Finest 2014 profile series from the Providence Phoenix

Dr. Ryan is NCCAOM certified (National Certification) and she is licensed in RI and California.

Go to, & for anything you ever wanted to know about acupuncture and Chinese herbs! Dr. Ryan is credentialed by NCCAOM  Please refer to the NCCAOM website for credentialing info  -

Please visit her yelp site and her other website at for more information or for patient reviews other than those on this website.

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